An Opportunity to Make Multiple Impressions
Homes are Purchased Based on Emotions…

Home staging is a must!
We want buyers to think, “This is it, this is the one!” – We will use our 8-step, “FEEL HOME” process to depersonalize the space and create “emotional connection points” to actively engage a buyer’s mind to imagine how life can be in the house.

Like most “first impressions,” buyers will be looking to reinforce their opinion throughout the rest of the home – Let’s make those first impressions positive in every room!

When a house “feels like home,” buyers will reprioritize their list – We’ll accentuate the positive and downplay the negatives in each room.  We’ll create warmth and cohesion by using easy decorating tricks of the trade. That's why home staging is not an option but something that we must do, especially in this economy.

Linda Ozminkowski
Certified Home Stager
                  Contact info:
            Office: 304-763-7005
             Cell: 304-228-1234
             Fax: 304-205-0844

Linda Ozminkowski
304-763-7005 office
304-228-1234 cell
304-205-0844 fa x




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